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Pilgrim Jewellery Spring 2012 Collection

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Pilgrim Jewellery Spring 2012 Collection

Pilgrim Jewellery Spring 2012 Collection

For the spring season, Pilgrim takes on an inspiring journey from coast to coast in England – a country of tradition and contrast.  London’s would famous flea markets and their amazing selection of vintage jewellery sourced from all over the woold offer key inspiration for Pilgrim.  Updating the memory lane of jewellery design to today’s fashion, Pilgrim gives the new collection femininity and elegance, combined with raw attitude.

With a chic variety of styles that showcase sparkling stones, pastel graphic jewels, intricate bohemian interpretations of leaves and flowers, iconic charms, twisted hearts and simple modern shapes,

Soft pastel colours blend perfectly with a splendid mix of metals: gold, silver hematite and rose gold tie the collection together in unmistakable Pilgrim style.
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Get ready for Christmas – Pilgrim’s new winter collection now in stock

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

It always feePilgrim Jewellery Winter 2010 Collectionls like Christmas isn’t too far away when we receive delivery of Pilgrim’s winter collection.  This year Pilgrim say of their new collection:

The focus is on the contrast between the raw and the feminine.  The design combines the classic elements from the 50thies with the rough details as sculls and leather.The colours are a daring combination of the military greens, the metallic mix and the romantic classic tones.Use the jewellery to upgrade your everyday look or go on a playful journey and mix the metals and materials – as you wish.

Take a look at the new collection, you can’t fail to find something you adore!

Pilgrim 2009 Spring Collection

Monday, January 19th, 2009

We now have the Pilgrim Jewelery 2009 collection in stock. Pilgrim’s new wide ranging collection is inspired, amongst other things, by the enchanting beauty of flowers and the diversity of nature.

Pilgrim have thought in simple strokes with the main focus on details like tiny pearl stigmas, mini flowers and hearts. Small surprises play, humour and happiness are a significant part of Pilgrim’s designs as well as the joy of daring to be yourself