5 Reasons To Consider A Bridal Set

Wow! You're thinking about popping the question?? Or you've just got engaged! 

You're both so happy, now it is time to start that all important shopping process.

But before committing to the ring, why not consider a Bridal Set? There are many advantages over buying an engagement and wedding ring separately, here are 5 reasons why we think so...

Convenience: When you choose a Bridal Set over separate pieces of wedding jewellery, you only have to buy once. This means that you only have to choose one style, make one payment and deal with one store. The process of buying a Bridal Set is often much more convenient than shopping for an engagement ring and a separate wedding band.

Savings: Bridal Sets include both the engagement ring and wedding ring in one piece, which can save you money over purchasing two separate rings. We offer great deals on our diamond Bridal Sets. Think of it as buying something beautiful and meaningful for less.

Matching: Even if you buy a wedding band specifically to match your engagement ring, you may not be able to achieve the uniform look that a bridal set offers. Bridal Sets are designed to incorporate the engagement ring and the wedding band into one piece of jewellery, giving a perfectly matched look - desired by many brides.

Elegance: There is no doubt about it, Bridal Sets have a unique look all their own. Instead of looking like two or three separate pieces of jewellery, the sets look like just one stunning ring. Pure elegant bridal style.

Comfort: Getting used to wearing an engagement ring and a wedding band takes time. They can shift around, the engagement ring may swivel and the diamond slip under the finger, making it more difficult to comfortably wear your wedding jewellery. As a Bridal Set is worn as just one ring, it's more comfortable for many brides. Some Bridal Sets even feature two separate wedding bands that surround the engagement ring on both sides. 

Now you know the benefits of purchasing a Bridal Set, have a browse at our stunning range on our online boutique....


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