Do's & Dont's when buying Valentines Day Jewellery ❤️💍❤️

Valentine’s Day...

For those of us in a committed relationship it’s a time for showing our love for each other - more often by a showering of gifts.

Traditionally there are certain gifts that come to mind before any others, these usually include temporary, material displays of affection like elaborate bouquets or chocolate dipped strawberries, elegantly boxed at a specialty chocolatier.

Then we move on to the more desired gift...the sparkling and refined pieces of jewellery that glisten in the light...but just how suddenly should this happen?

What about the couples who consider their relationships serious but haven’t been dating that long? Sometimes it’s hard to decide what’s expected and what’s appropriate when it comes to gifting, but never fear - we’re here to help!

Simply follow this list of what and what not to do and you should survive this Valentines Day...

DO consider earrings, necklaces or bracelets for your girlfriend if the two of you have been in a relationship for a while but haven’t tied the knot and aren’t even close to having the engagement talk. It’s not that you aren’t serious about each other, but you’re comfortable where you are and there’s no reason to make things uncomfortable with gifts that just aren’t appropriate for the stage in your relationship that you currently find yourselves in. Pay attention to her personal style to make the perfect choice and know without question whether she’s a chic chandelier or a sartorial stud type of girl.

DON’T even think about buying her a ring if the two of you have been together for multiple years and you're NOT planning on proposing! It’s fairly obvious how and why this can send the sort of mixed messages no one should want to send, but just incase this is a matter that needs a bit more clarification, you simply don’t want to raise any expectation that you aren’t ready to fulfill.


DO get creative. Rings and earrings aren’t the only things the jewellery world has to offer. You can spend big with elaborate statement necklaces, or keep things simple and focus more on the message than the piece with items like delicate hand chain bracelets.


DON’T miss the mark on what she likes! There is so much to choose from when buying jewellery. Should it be rose gold, should it be white gold, does she wear statement necklaces? Are you at a stage in your relationship where she will feel comfortable accepting a particular item from you? If you don’t know the answer, go back to the drawing don’t want to make assumptions in this case!


DO feel good about your decision. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. After all, if you care for each other, she'll appreciate what you buy her. Purchase something that you feel good about giving and don’t make the choice based on anything other than what’s relevant for the relationship you’re in. Even if what you buy isn’t exactly what she’d get herself, there’s something to be said for it being the thought that counts and if you put your mind and sense of style to it you’ll likely decide on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift without even knowing it.


Good Luck!! 💕💕

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